Cold Chain Logistics Stocks: BioLife vs Cryoport

September 20. 2022. 9 mins read

A few months ago, we held a cage match between two of the leading gene-editing stocks. Basically, it ended in a draw, leaving us with a mini portfolio in this potentially lucrative but extremely volatile life sciences/nanotech market. Generally risk-averse investors, we’re always looking for ways to get exposure to an emerging technology theme like gene editing through ancillary avenues. Often referred to as pick-and-shovel plays, these are the “more boring” businesses that offer goods and services that support the main industry in question. For example, directly investing in cannabis remains risky because you’re selling weed in markets with a lot of hazy legal issues. But perfectly law-abiding pick-and-shovel plays like hydroponics equipment for growing weed might be an indirect but safer longer-term bet as the bud industry continues to blossom.

So, let’s see if we can warm up to a couple of pick-and-shovel businesses coalescing around the rapidly growing cell and gene therapy market.

Cold Chain Logistics in Biotech

Remember, covid? If so, you may recall that the mRNA vaccines need to remain ridiculously cold until just before they are ready to be used. Well, there’s a whole business platform built around temperature-controlled logistics for not just processing, storing, and transporting vaccines, but for all of the biological bits and bobs that life science companies, research institutes, universities, and your occasion

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