Ambarella Stock: Pivoting Towards Computer Vision

There’s an ongoing debate about the optimal way for computers to see the world as humans can. Computer vision proposes that computers will digest a video stream in the same way our eyes do and react accordingly. LiDAR proposes that computers see using a form of radar that also supports night vision. Both methods will find applicability in particular use cases, but it ultimately comes down to software being able to digest data and provide insights.

Autonomous vehicles represent the most popular use cases for computer vision, though less sexy applications like industrial robotics might be equally lucrative. For example, think about the common security camera which Gartner considers the largest market for 5G Internet of Things (IoT) solutions through 2022. While most people think CCTV in the UK is oppressively ubiquitous, the U.S. actually has nearly twice as many security cameras per capita than the UK, and even more than China. That’s a great place to start processing data and using it to create efficiencies.

Revisiting Ambarella Stock

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The last time we looked at Ambarella (

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