Altair Engineering Stock: An Information Problem

All content we produce at Nanalyze assumes the reader needs no technical background of any kind to understand it. We’ve opted to categorize our tech stock catalog in a similar fashion with three possible classifications for any given stock – love, like, or avoid. If we love a stock, that means we’re holding it. We may not be buying more of it, or we may not think it’s the bee’s knees based on the latest information, but we are holding it in a real-money portfolio.

If a stock is classified as “avoid,” we wouldn’t buy it for reasons noted in our catalog under the “Nanalyze Notes” field. And if we like a stock, it’s one we’d consider holding but don’t. In the coming weeks, we’re going to peruse our “likes” and see if any quality companies merit a place in the four remaining open slots in our tech stock portfolio. One of those stocks is Altair Engineering (ALTR).

About Altair Engineering Stock

The last time we looked at Altair was late 2019 in a piece titled Altair Engineering Stock is a Play on Simulated Design. Since going public in 2014, the company has managed to grow revenues at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of almost 9%.

Bar chart showing Altair's Revenue Growth 2015-2021

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