What’s the Best Robot Stock to Invest In?

Those with very little capital to invest often look for ways to increase it exponentially while taking on loads of risk in the process. We call this “finding the next Tesla.” Usually, this starts with a theme that’s easy to understand and compelling. Robots are a great example. Then it’s off to ask the Ministry of Truth which robot stock is the “best” to invest in. Let’s go ahead and do that.

Screenshot of Google Search on best robot stock to invest in
Credit: Google

The first result is an ad – some crowdfunded pizza robot that you shouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. Never invest in any crowdfunding ventures because there is no market for your shares and they are worthless until that changes. Next on the list, an ETF from iShares which we covered in our piece on Which Robotics ETF is The Best One to Buy? The third search result is an article on 10 robot stocks from InvestorPlace written by a gentleman who describes this curated list as “our portfolio of robot stocks” but then tells us at the end that he hasn’t invested in any of them. It’s like the wealthy gentleman who drives to the bank in a Bentley taking advice from the fresh MBA graduate who took the train to wo

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