Babylon Stock: Why It’s Dropping Like a Rock

Why do some investment firms send out alerts to subscribers explaining large stock price increases? That’s not what investors want to know. Look up any given stock and you’ll find that their questions always relate to some unknown calamity.

Google searches regarding a given stock and you'll find that their questions always relate to some unknown calamity.
Credit: Google

When bad things happen, people turn to the Ministry of Truth for an explanation. Rarely will these same people ask “why did <INSERT MEME STONK HERE> jump 10 gazillion percent in 36 hours? That’s because the sole reason for the creation of paper wealth is always the investor’s Nostradamus-like investing acumen.

Speculators are the first to get cold feet when things go south. In the words of Edwin Lefèvre, “the speculator’s deadly enemies are ignorance, greed, fear, and hope.” Today, we’re going to talk about a stock that’s been stoking all four of those emotions lately. As a result, it’s probably burned more fingers than Bernie Madoff.

Line graph showing the poor performance of Babylon Health, now Babylon Holdings - Credit: Yahoo Finance

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