5 Application Performance Monitoring Stocks

What’s compelling about software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies is that you don’t really need to know what they do. If a company produces high-margin software that other companies can’t get enough of, that’s generally an attractive investment. Even Warren Buffett, a man who doesn’t do tech and only invests in what he knows, invested in a SaaS company we profiled recently – Snowflake (SNOW). But we’d argue it does matter what a SaaS business does because of something we call “durability.” Providing an experience management tool to marketing teams like Qualtrics (XM) does is an expenditure that might be scrutinized come budget cut time. Contrast that to the UiPath (PATH) solution which reduces labor costs and it’s clear which company will fare better in today’s bear market.

That brings us to the topic du jour – application performance monitoring (APM) – something that starts to go down the jargon rabbit hole faster than we were hoping. Here’s how Gartner’s commonly cited framework describes the five dimensions of APM (note that the words “monitori

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