Is It Time to Worry About the Slowdown in DocuSign Stock?

June 10. 2022. 8 mins read

There are a few things you should do once a year. Visit your doctor. Swim in the ocean. Climb a mountain. And check on your long-term stock investments. The current lull following the IPO gold rush over the last couple of years has given our MBAs some much needed time to refine their blunt-rolling skills evaluate our current holdings. For example, we told you why we’re not worried about the big plummet in C3.ai stock, as well as confirmed our confidence in the leading robotic process automation stock and a digital payments stock that is competing against one of the biggest names in fintech. The next checkup is with DocuSign (DOCU), a legaltech stock that until recently had been growing revenues like crazy.

But the latest quarterly results from the company show that revenue growth is slowing while losses continue to pile up. Is it time to worry about the slowdown in DocuSign stock?

Doing a Double Take on DocuSign Stock

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In our May 2021 article on Doc

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