PayPal Stock Plummets: Is it a Good Buy?

June 20. 2022. 8 mins read

We’ve spent the last couple of years developing various rules, metrics, and guidelines to remove as much subjectivity and emotion out of our tech investing methodology. We’ve introduced a simple valuation ratio to determine if a tech stock is overvalued, though that’s less of an issue based on plunging market caps in today’s bear market. We’ve also preached about why tech stock size matters more, and not just on Reddit Tinder forums. Still, there are companies on paper that look good but we don’t buy because there’s only so much room in our tech stock portfolio. Then there’s PayPal stock (PYPL), the leader in digital payments processing, which is usually one of our go-to criteria for choosing a portfolio company. 

We’ve always found enough reasons to avoid PayPal stock in the past when comparing it against other digital payments stocks, but we’ve never taken a super deep dive into the nearly 24-year-old company. That changes today, especially following our recent analysis into the one digital payments company that we do currently own. What, if anything, are missing about the potential in PayPal stock, which by many metrics is a good buy a

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