Investing in Data Storage Hardware Stocks

June 8. 2022. 6 mins read

Once you’ve used a solid-state drive (SSD) you’ll never go back. Those who know the difference between a hard drive and random-access memory (RAM) would easily understand why. An SSD is essentially a hard drive made of RAM, so it’s lightning-fast and constantly available. Booting up becomes a thing of the past because there are no moving parts, and you can open and close your laptop at will without creating any problems with your applications. It’s easy to imagine a future where hard drives become obsolete because they’ve been replaced by SSDs. While it’s not a blue ocean opportunity, it’s still a thesis worth looking at because of this old hockey stick.

Bar graph showing the annual size of the global dataspere
Credit: IDC

Artificial intelligence algorithms are only as good as the big data you feed them. AI chipmaker NVIDIA (NVDA) knows this well. It’s why they pushed to expand their data center segment with the acquisition of Mellanox such that it now accounts for 40% of total revenues. Our recent piece on data center REITs talked about how the demand for warehouses to store all this big data is comi

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