C3.ai Stock Plummets: Why We’re Not Worried

June 2. 2022. 7 mins read

Paper losses are a constant reminder that you pulled the trigger too soon on a stock. Maybe it was fear of missing out (FOMO), maybe it was because you tried to time the market, or maybe it was because you exhausted all your capital dollar-cost-averaging into a position, and now your capital commitment rule doesn’t let you bring down your cost basis anymore. That’s where we’re sitting with C3.ai stock (AI).

We’ve written extensively about C3 over the years, from when they first announced their IPO to our most recent piece – Is C3.ai Stock an IoT Stock or an AI Stock? Spoiler alert: we classify it as IoT. Today, the stock is trading at a 90% discount from the $177 a share it traded at back in December 2020. That’s following a drop of up to 22% today after Fiscal 2022 results were announced yesterday. It’s been a while since we checked in with the company, so today we’ll look to answer two questions – has our C3 thesis changed, and will this company survive Jamie Dimon’s latest weather forecast which has switched from storm cloud dissipation to hurricane in just ten days’ time?

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