SolarEdge Stock: A Global Solar Energy Leader

April 25. 2022. 6 mins read

Whenever the Israel topic comes up, we try to tread lightly. As famed American philosopher Louis C.K. once said, “Jew” is the only word that can be derogatory or descriptive, just based on tonal inflections. Most people’s knowledge of Jews probably extends to the funny-looking people seen walking around New York airports. Those are Hasidic Jews who make up about 5% of the Jewish population. Then you have Ashkenazim who are the majority of Jews, and happen to be some of the smartest people on this planet – studies have shown. But that breaches the topic of genetic intelligence, and now that everyone’s starting to squirm in their seats, we’ll quickly change the subject.

Jews aside, Israel is remarkably successful for a country with just 9 million people. With more than 85 companies trading in the U.S with a combined market cap of $300 billion, only China and – of course – America – have more companies trading in the States than Israel. One Israeli success story we’re going to look at today is SolarEdge (SEDG).

Searching for Solar Stocks

The solar investing thesis has been tough to navigate over the years. If you invested in the only solar ETF out there – the I

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