Planet Labs Stock After the Dust Has Settled

The biggest problem with SPACs wasn’t that they were structured to give retail investors the short end of the stick, it was that they didn’t provide enough information to make an informed investment decision. When Planet Labs (PL) filed their year-end results, requests came pouring in for us to revisit the company following our piece last year titled Why is Planet Labs Stock Falling Like a Rock?

When you’re critical of a company, most people assume you’re short. The remainder assumes you don’t have a dog in the race, but few can conceive of someone owning a stock and being critical of it at the same time. Feeling obligated to cheerlead stocks you hold is a flawed mindset being perpetuated by the Jim Cramers of the world who won’t recommend a great company at the best time – when their stock price is falling. Those that took the time to read our Planet Labs article to the end may have noticed this informative tidbit.

We’re holding a small position in the stock with no intentions to add until the financials are properly consolidated and a normal SEC filing cadence has been established.

Credit: Nanalyze, December 2021

When we’re investors in a firm, we don’t grab our cheerleading pom poms and start waving them all over Twitter, we become even more critical about their operations. Today, we’re going to review the Pl

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