Will These Six eVTOL Stocks Ever Take Off?

Tech investors who are tenured enough to recall the dot-bomb days may also remember the hype surrounding a personal transportation device that was said to disrupt walking. Investors lined up to throw money at the vehicle hailed as being “maybe bigger than the Internet” by notable venture capitalist John Doerr. “As big a deal as the personal computer,” said St. Steve Jobs when he saw the contraption which was supposed to transform personal transformation until it didn’t. That device was the Segway which finally met its demise in 2020. Even the Chinese couldn’t make it work.

Just because a new transportation method is lauded by critics doesn’t mean society will adopt it. That’s where we’re sitting with a new type of electric vehicle – the electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle (eVTOL).

Electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle (eVTOL).
Credit: Vertical Aerospace

Mankind has been using helicopters to take off and land vertically since 1939, but advancements in materials and batteries have brought a new generation of helicopters powered by electricity and multiple rotors. Investors have thrown billions at the idea and there are even six publicly traded stocks for retail investors as seen below:

 Market Cap

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