Desktop Metal Stock: New and Improved – On Sale 50% Off

March 19. 2022. 7 mins read

If we had to pick our best quality, it would probably be modesty. Unlike other pundits, you won’t hear us constantly flaunting our best calls. We almost never mention the fact that we sold our Ali Baba holding right before shares tanked because of risks we pointed out. That call we made on Palantir and their dependency on the government? We don’t talk about that much. The same holds true for our warning on Zymergen and Ginkgo Bioworks. And all the over-the-counter junk stocks we’ve called out over the years hardly merit a mention either. Regular readers know that our risk-averse approach to tech investing works, which is why we don’t need to talk about selling our Desktop Metal (DM) position at an average of $14.76 a share. Well actually, we do need to talk about that.

We’ve always thought Desktop Metal offered a compelling story long before they decided to go public using a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). When the SPAC merger was announced, we bought shares in the company despite the fact that we’ve been

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