The 10 Biggest Solar Stocks in the World

March 7. 2022. 5 mins read

A good idea and $4.50 won’t get you a gallon of petrol in the U.S. these days. The ability to execute is what separates wantrepreneurs from entrepreneurs. And of course, a willingness to expend every iota of your time and energy trying to build a business in the face of a dismal failure rate. Similarly, just because a technology is growing like mad doesn’t mean you’ll be able to reap the rewards by investing in it. Solar investors have learned this the hard way over the years.

As we plan to rid our portfolio of the two remaining ETFs we’re holding, we’ll be losing our exposure to the solar industry. Maybe it’s time to evaluate why we want exposure to solar in the first place. To do that, we want to consider what sort of growth is expected going forward. Since we’re already holding the biggest renewable energy company in the world, we’ll need a pretty compelling reason to replace our solar exposure. Turns out there are plenty of good reasons to want solar exposure right now.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), 95% of all power capacity increases globally will be renewable energy. Of those, 60% will be solar and 29% will be wind. Below you can see the capacity expansion that’s expected for both over

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