Unity Technologies Stock: A Pure Play on the Metaverse

February 13. 2022. 8 mins read

Some people binge-watch TV series. We binge-watch movie trailers, because we generally don’t have the time to devote to a season’s worth of episodes or Oscar-contending films, but we don’t want to exist entirely in a pop culture vacuum. As you might expect from geeky MBAs who cover emerging technologies, our sweet spot is science fiction. The latest binge found that just about every other sci-fi movie coming out is set in some sort of multiverse in which the central character slingshots through parallel realities, usually in a heroic effort to keep Reality with a capital “R” from collapsing. It’s hard not to suspect that Hollywood is using the multiverse to hype the metaverse.

Unless you do exist in an alternative reality, it’s been impossible to ignore the chatter around how we will soon start living our best digital lives through avatars in virtual worlds created out of Mark Zuckerberg’s masturbatory fantasies. Lots of questions remain. Are we already avatars in someone else’s metaverse (aka, the Elon Musk living-in-a-simulation theory)? Do we really want to head down what is undoubtedly a dystopian hellscape (aka, the Ready Player One future)? Will people spend real money on non-real stuff (aka, online porn)? Well, we know the answer to the last one, as Robinhood-types spend millions on buying “prime” virtual real estate and other digital assets with no intrinsic value.

We’ve written a few articles recently on how we might

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