The Right Time to Sell NVIDIA Stock

February 28. 2022. 5 mins read

We recently published a piece which breaks down the tech stock universe into size buckets, the largest being companies with a market cap of $100 billion or more – the so-called “mega caps.” Ideally, we’re able to discover mega caps before they reach that size and invest in them. When they grow to occupy more than 10% of our total portfolio, we trim them. We’re currently holding two mega caps in our own tech stock portfolio, one of which is NVIDIA (NVDA).

Market size category allocation of Nanalyze Tech stock portfolio
Credit: Nanalyze

Our last piece on NVIDIA titled Why We’re Selling NVIDIA Shares After the Split was a bit clickbait. We weren’t selling shares because the company split, we were simply trimming our position because it had become significantly overweight. Now that NVDA shares have settled back down to earth, we’re no longer overweight. However, we’ve been asking a much broader question which relates to our own

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