Plug Power Stock: Why We’re Not Buying It

February 1. 2022. 6 mins read

Investing in a stock without knowing what the company does is a mistake made by newbies and experienced investors alike. Whether you’re investing in stories or chasing performance, it’s important to look under the hood of every stock you invest in to understand the risks involved. Stocks that are constantly being hyped by the Reddit types should be examined with even more scrutiny. One stock that’s been pumped for over two decades now is Plug Power Inc (PLUG). Check out this excerpt from a piece by Fortune titled, “Meet The New Market Makers They’re young, they’re rich, and they couldn’t care less about Graham & Dodd. But they’re the ones driving those insane tech stocks, and they’re not going away.”

“What the heck is this company?” I ask. “It’s PLUG,” Mesh says. Yeah, I know that much. But what does it do? “I don’t know,” Mesh responds, without looking up. “Power, I guess.” I decide to let the issue drop, and with PLUG now about to close at $79, the question of what the company does seems pretty irrelevant.

Credit: Fortune

Astute fuel cell investors will be quick to point out that during the hydrogen hype saga of early 2021, Plug only traded up to $70.51 a share, and they’d be right. The excerpt above was taken from an article by Fortune published

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