Verano Holdings Stock: Growing Like Mad

January 18. 2022. 5 mins read

If you think you’ll day trade your way into a better zip code, think again. Thousands of hedge funds across the globe employ millions of sneaky little AI algorithms that monitor the world’s big data. All that data exhaust being generated by alternative data providers is ingested to provide signals for trading strategies that generate alpha. The words you are reading right now are being analyzed for meaning, and the authority of those words measured by who reads them. As soon as information becomes available, it gets priced in – the efficient market hypothesis hard at work.

Industries with lots of external uncertainties are inherently riskier. That rocket you sent up with $20 million worth of equipment on it could just blow up. The quantum computer you’re trying to build may or may not be entirely useless. Or the regulators may lax rules on a Class A drug you currently sell in the United States in places where it’s been legalized. That’s what we’re hoping for as we dip our toes into the warm soothing water of U.S. cannabis stocks.

It’s High Time We Invested in Cannabis

Having toiled covertly on the black market for many moons, we understa

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