GTI Stock vs Curaleaf Stock: And the Winner Is?

January 2. 2022. 8 mins read

The Johari Window model is a psychological framework used to help people better understand how other people perceive them. You may think you know yourself, but you probably don’t. That’s your true self, and most people don’t really know their true selves. Maybe other people see that true self, or maybe you put on a fake persona, but are you really sure you know how other people perceive you? When you build an online media brand, you don’t have to worry about any of that. People will always tell you exactly how you’re being perceived, and that’s a good thing.

We recently started waving around a chart of the top-five multi-state operators, and it’s actually incorrect. Below, you can see the updated chart with the missing component highlighted in red.

The top six multi-state operators in 'Murica. Credit: Nanalyze
The top six multi-state operators in ‘Murica – Credit: Nanalyze

We have been distilling our original list of 10 MSOs over the years and dropped Verano when it was supposed to be acquired by Harvest Health (a company that was since acquired by Trulieve). When the Harvest/Verano deal fell through in 2020, we missed it because we’re not always watching cannabis (the majority of our focus is

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