Trulieve Stock: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

December 10. 2021. 8 mins read

We don’t just cover cannabis because we consume loads of the stuff in all forms. Our first piece on the topic – No to Marijuana Stocks, Yes to Weed Investing – was published in 2016 to warn investors about all the over-the-counter (OTC) junk stocks attaching themselves to the cannabis thesis like leeches. Our attempt at warning investors was met with some well-articulated critical commentary:

  • CGC +50% up and on TSX now. This was shitty article
  • Totally missed the mark on this one bud. Back to class for you.
  • Absurd article. Internet trash.

In the years that followed, the cannabis thesis absolutely exploded, so we continued to cover it. At the peak of inflated expectations, stocks like Canopy Growth (CGC) had a greater valuation than names like Western Union and Harley Davidson.

Bar chart showing Canopy's market cap rivals some big household names. Credit: Bloomberg
Credit: Bloomberg

Canopy Growth was valued the same as Molson Coors when we wr

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