Nearmap Stock: A Pure-Play on Aerial Imaging

December 13. 2021. 6 mins read

In 2004, Blockbuster video had reached its peak with 9,000 brick-and-mortar stores worldwide and a new store opening every 17 hours. Today, there’s just one left in Bend Oregon – the last Blockbuster store. If you were an investor in Blockbuster at that time, what metrics would you have been watching to make sure you exited your position before the entire company imploded? Revenue growth might have been one good metric.

Bar graph comparing revenues of Blockbuster and Netfix. Credit: Nanalyze
Credit: Nanalyze

Trying to avoid being a bag holder for the next Blockbuster is why we’re always focused on growth companies having consistent revenue growth. Today, we’re going to talk about a company with consistent revenue growth that competes in the geospatial intelligence space.

About Nearmap Stock

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We first came across Nearmap Limited (NEA.AX) in our recent piece on 7 Geospatial Intelligence

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