LiveWire: A Pure-Play Electric Motorcycle Stock

December 14. 2021. 5 mins read

Certain brands have unspoken connotations that society universally agrees upon. It’s why you never see a jacked-up dude driving a Prius with a dime piece in the passenger seat. A Prius is for the single guy with a dozen female friends he spends time courting, none of whom would touch him with a ten-foot pole. But a guy who drives a Harley and doesn’t call you back, now we’re getting somewhere. There’s a reason motorcycle clubs who wear the 1% patch only drive Harley Davidson motorcycles with some rare exceptions.

When we first looked at Harley Davidson’s plan for an electric bike, we were skeptical. Wouldn’t such a bike tarnish their grease and leather macho image? That was four years ago when we wrote about 7 Electric Motorcycles You Can Buy From Startups Today. In a later piece on a Kiwi electric utility vehicle, we opined that this electric bike stuff just wasn’t going to fly with most of the world’s authentic riders.

If you happen to be an experienced motorcycle rider who has done hard time on the streets and trails, you know that this electric bike stuff is cute and all, but only a total tool would be seen riding one. If you want a real road cruiser that turns heads and gives you that visceral feeling of power and class, pony up $35,000 and buy a brand-new Big Dog K9.


This is what a Big Dog K9 looks like.

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