5 Pure-Play Stocks for the B2B Payments Thesis

October 25. 2021. 7 mins read

Our recent piece on AvidXchange talks about how small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in the United States represent a $20 billion opportunity for B2B payments automation. Alongside that opportunity is an additional $20 billion from offering supply chain financing products. A $40 billion total addressable market (TAM) is sizable, but pales in comparison to the global “domestic accounts payable” opportunity which is somewhere in the range of $90 trillion.

Many throw around the number “one trillion,” but few comprehend just how enormous it actually is. If one million seconds is about 11.5 days, then one billion seconds is about 32 years. One trillion seconds is equal to 32,000 years. When we’re assessing investment opportunities, a trillion-dollar opportunity is massive, but a $125 trillion opportunity is nearly impossible to comprehend. If you can capture half a percent – just 50 basis points – on a $125 trillion dollar market, you’ll have $625 billion in annual revenues.

A $125 Trillion Opportunity

The notion of KISS (keep it simple stupid) is quickly disregarded when you start working at an investment bank where lengthy reports are worn as a badge of honor. Look no further than the 261-page fintech report –

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