GitLab Stock: An Overvalued DevOps Pure Play

October 18. 2021. 6 mins read

There’s a general understanding that a company’s brand contributes to the success of an initial public offering (IPO) and afterwards by providing a population of people who invest in the stock because they believe in the brand. That’s according to a leading marketing research firm which says strong brands result in “consistently higher share prices and are less affected by stock market turbulence.” One might argue that the customer profile matters as well.

A paycheck advance company is probably not going to benefit the same as a healthcare services company when it comes to the type of investor they attract. People who get advances on their paychecks are likely to invest with a very short time horizon, while those who work in healthcare might have more discretionary income to invest. Perhaps the best population for a company to have would-be customers who are heavy users of the product – fans who act as a community – and all enjoy six-figure incomes. That’s why when GitLab’s IPO debuted, we figured plenty of programmers out there would be keen to get a piece of it.

About GitLab Stock

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GitLab Inc (GTLB) isn’t any ordinary company, it’s the largest remotely controlled firm in the world

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