Clearwater Analytics Stock: A Little-Known Fintech Play

October 19. 2021. 6 mins read

The word is out. This past spring, America’s hottest housing market was little old Coeur d’Alene Idaho, a place we visited last year to meet with an interesting LED tech startup called Rohinni. Plenty of people are finding their own private Idaho in a state that’s known for a low crime rate, friendly people, and lots of natural beauty. It’s no surprise that this environment attracts the sort of talent needed to grow businesses, and plenty of these growth stories fly under the radar without much fanfare. One such business is Clearwater Analytics Holdings Inc. (CWAN) whose cloud-based investment accounting and analytics software is selling like hotcakes.

Bar chart showing Clearwater and Analytics' scale and organic growth. Credit: Clearwater Analytics
Credit: Clearwater Analytics

About Clearwater Analytics Stock

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When deciding which firms to write about, one thing we consider is investor interest. It’s rare we come across a stock that’s generated so little interest – at least according to the Ministry of Truth, Google. It’s a crying shame, because Boise, Idaho’s own Clearwater Analytics is a solid SaaS

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