Billtrust Stock: Accounts Receivable Automation

October 27. 2021. 7 mins read

A remarkable number of people ask the Ministry of Truth, Google, which stock is “the best” to buy. Never mind how ambiguous the term “best” is, market timing alone can mean two people investing in the same stock, over roughly the same time frame, can experience two very different outcomes. For us, “best” means the lowest risk option that will best weather times of economic turmoil because we believe that eventually, the market will correct itself, and many people will be caught with their pants down.

A chart showing the 30 year performance of the Nasdaq with dot com crisis marked with blue arrow and pandemic marked with red x.
Blue arrow is dot-bomb era, red X is pandemic reaction – Credit: Yahoo Finance

We recently wrote about the $125 trillion B2B payments opportunity which dwarfs the consumer payments opportunity, a niche whose leaders represent half a trillion dollars in market cap. We’re not trying to find “the best” way to play the B2B payments opportunity based on the stocks we know of today. One of those is Billtrust (BTRS), also known as BTRS Holdings.

Billtrust Becomes BTRS Holdings

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