Is C3.ai Stock an IoT Stock or an AI Stock?

September 20. 2021. 6 mins read

“Set it and forget it” was a tagline made popular by Ron Popeil, a fast-talking infomercial salesman who peddled everything from the Flowbee Haircutting System to the Ronco Pocket Fisherman. That famous slogan also applies to those who hope to become successful investors. It was Fidelity who famously found out that those self-directed investors who did best were those who forgot about their brokerage accounts.

We like to take the same approach to stocks we invest in, though it’s a lot easier to do so with dividend growth stocks than it is with volatile tech stocks. Regarding the latter, you’ll sleep much better at night if you ignore short-term price fluctuations and keep your eyes on the 10-year horizon. When a stock gets beaten down, add shares if your thesis hasn’t changed. If it soars to the moon, trim a bit. About once a year, check in to see what’s happening. Given it’s been about a year since we first began accumulating C3.ai (AI), we decided to check in.

From C3 Energy to C3 IoT to C3.ai

The first time we came across C3 was back in October 2016 when we wrote about

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