Comparing Four AI-Powered Drug Discovery Stocks

A technology like artificial intelligence (AI) is extraordinarily complex to begin with. When you start to apply AI to complex domains like drug discovery, there’s a snowball’s chance in hell your average retail investor will understand what’s happening under the hood. If, as risk-averse investors, we adhere to Warren Buffett’s adage of only investing in what we understand, this puts us in a difficult position.

One way to break down the complexity of a company is by examining their business model. Without revenues, it’s practically impossible to properly examine a business model, which is why we don’t invest pre-revenue. Today, we’re going to look at four different publicly traded companies that are using AI to improve the drug discovery process.

Four AI Drug Discovery Stocks

Company NameTickerMarket Cap
(USD billions)
Recursion PharmaceuticalsRXRX4.52

Artificial intelligence algorithms are great fo

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