Will Virgin Orbit Stock Take Off Like a Rocket?

August 27. 2021. 6 mins read

If you’re thinking you haven’t maximized your short time here on earth, read Sir Richard Branson’s autobiography, Losing My Virginity. Let the shame and self-loathing sink in for a bit. What this charismatic human accomplished during his 71 years on this planet is hard to fathom.

Considered the poster boy of entrepreneurial success, Mr. Branson’s spare time is spent breaking world records, participating in extreme sports, shining in the media spotlight, and adding more businesses to his multinational conglomerate, Virgin Group. In our spare time, we’ve barely managed to get through the first few chapters of Rosetta Stone Spanish.

The debut of space tourism company Virgin Galactic Holdings (SPCE) helped kickstart the popularity of special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs). After SPCE shares began trading, and the whole thing turned into a much-discussed volatile mess, Mr. Branson had accomplished one thing he does really well. He got everyone’s attention.

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