Mynaric Stock: Laser Communication for Satellites

August 23. 2021. 5 mins read

A small German stock is flying under the radar with a revolutionary technology that enables satellites to communicate using lasers. You can get on the ground floor with this small space company that may be on the cusp of capturing billions of dollars in opportunity. Two high-profile U.S. government contract wins mark a turning point in 2020 for the company which now plans to list shares in the United States.

Nothing in the above paragraph is an exaggeration. It may sound like a compelling story to most, but not for risk-averse tech investors. It’s a small stock that hasn’t realized meaningful revenues yet, and therefore has not yet proven product-market fit, something that’s critically important for “revolutionary” technologies, especially those ones that aren’t addressing large blue ocean total addressable markets (TAMs).

Satellites have been communicating with the earth for decades now. Building a new superior method of communication is great, but it needs to displace methods that are already in use. The company is Mynaric (MOY.DE), and they have their work cut out for them. (All numbers provided in USD unless stated otherwise.)

About Mynaric Stock

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Founded in 2009, Germany’s

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