Why Kopin Stock – KOPN – Should Be Avoided

August 3. 2021. 6 mins read

A classic question you’ll inevitably hear asked in bee school is what the ultimate goal of a business should be. It’s not to be profitable, or to grow, or to generate revenues. The ultimate goal of a business is to survive. For investors, the problem is that some companies can survive an awful long time without ever actually growing much. While this may be perfectly acceptable for some, it’s a dangerous trap for tech investors to fall into.

We’ve talked before about obvious red flags when vetting tech stocks, but then there are also things to watch for that hint at a stale operation. We might call these yellow flags – the smell of mothballs and patchouli that hints at aged mediocracy. An overreliance on the government as a key customer, a 1980s investor deck that never changes, loads of uncertainty around future revenue streams, and a constant “our latest and greatest product is just around the corner” mantra are all yellow flags, and a company called Kopin (KOPN) is waving all four of them.

About Kopin Stock

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The last time we looked at Kopin was back in 2017 when we asked, Is Kopin (KOPN) Turning Into an AR/VR St

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