Akerna Stock – A Risky Play on Cannabis Compliance

August 7. 2021. 6 mins read

While we’ve written extensively about cannabis stocks over the years, we’ve only briefly dabbled in them. There’s just too much risk, too much hype, too much volatility, and too many other exciting technology themes we’d rather invest in. Experts in the cannabis space advise that one way to reduce regulatory risk is by investing in the ancillary cannabis sector. For example, you might invest in the makers of hydroponics equipment used by both indoor growers and cannabis growers.

There aren’t many pure-play stocks for investing in cannabis that aren’t plant touching, certainly not in the United States. That’s why when we read about a publicly traded company called Akerna (KERN) that’s working on cannabis compliance solutions, we had to take a closer look.

About Akerna Stock

Akerna’s story starts with a company called MJ Freeway that we first came across in our 2017 piece on

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