Quanterix Stock: A Way to Play the Proteomics Boom

July 23. 2021. 6 mins read

Yesterday’s news cycle was dominated by a headline that makes you almost shed a tear. No, we’re not talking about how Kelly Osbourne doesn’t know how to go on after the death of her dog. We’re talking about the sheer beauty of DeepMind’s latest accomplishment – the ability to predict a protein’s 3D structure from its amino acid sequence.

Yesterday, DeepMind launched the AlphaFold Protein Structure Database, which offers “the most complete and accurate picture of the human proteome to date, more than doubling humanity’s accumulated knowledge of high-accuracy human protein structures.” It’s being heralded as one of the most important datasets since the mapping of the Human Genome, because prior to this, only a fraction of proteins made by the human genome had confirmed structures. Now, nearly all of them do.

If this new information stands to transform biology, it only makes sense that we should place some bets on the companies that stand to benefit from it, one of those being Quanterix (QTRX).

About Quanterix Stock

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