Investing in 5 Manufacturing on Demand Stocks

July 31. 2021. 7 mins read

Studies show that investors feel the pain of a loss twice as hard as they feel the joy of a gain. Another psychological phenomenon is feeling strong emotions before any gain or loss has been realized. Until you sell a position to realize profits or losses, you really shouldn’t feel anything. But we all know that’s not how these things work.

Yesterday, shares of Protolabs (PRLB) hit a 52-week low off the back of their Q2-2021 earnings call during which management noted “several emerging companies that offer online access to manufacturing have entered or announced plans to enter the public markets.” Today, we’re going to review and compare all publicly traded – or soon-to-be publicly traded “manufacturing on demand” stocks, a list that’s grown well beyond just Protolabs.

CompanyTickerSPACSPAC Finalized
Fast RadiusENNVYesNo

We chose the label “manufacturing on demand” because it most appropriately describes what these companies do, but this term is also synonymous with other labels including:

  • On-Demand Manufacturing
  • Distributed Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing-as-a-

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