LegalZoom Stock: Investing in Small Business Growth

July 18. 2021. 5 mins read

Everyone’s a wantrepreneur. They have some great idea in their head that they’ll tell you if you’ll promise not to tell anyone. These are the sort of folks who would ask a venture capital firm to sign a non-disclosure agreement (amateur hour move). Then there are those who take a few more steps. They design a logo, throw up a splash page, and create some business cards. They’ll then promote themselves for several years winning “awards” and perhaps some paltry checks from an incubator before the whole thing finally fizzles out. Then, there are those who have the tenacity to succeed – the select few.

Regardless of which category of entrepreneur you fall into, there’s a company that has what you need to start your business. And they’re counting on a whole lot more businesses to be created to fuel future growth.

About LegalZoom Stock

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The last time we looked at LegalZoom (LZ) was late last year in a piece titled 6 LegalTech Startups Disrupting the Legal Industry. Now, we can dig into their S-1 IPO filing to learn about business model specifics. LegalZoom

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