Silvergate Capital Stock – A Cryptocurrency Bank

June 6. 2021. 6 mins read

We recently published A Complete Guide to Investing in Blockchain Stocks which turned some heads. That’s because we challenged what the analysts at Golden Slacks put forth as blockchain stocks. Tesla and Facebook are blockchain stocks? That’s hard to argue. In the piece, we pointed to a few stocks we thought might be viable plays for the cryptocurrency boom, and incidentally, blockchain – Coinbase (COIN) and Silvergate Capital (SI).

We’ve written before about Coinbase, but not Silvergate Capital. Our last comments on the latter were as follows:

It’s an interesting little company with consistently growing revenue streams and a rapidly growing list of institutional customers, but with too many moving parts for our liking.


That didn’t bode well with some of our subscribers who challenged our conclusion, saying we should work harder to figure it out. And they have a point. It’s easy enough to dismiss a

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