4 Hydroponics Stocks for Indoor Farming Investors

It’s exceedingly difficult to find insightful research these days, particularly for investment themes that are popular amongst the status quo. For example, everyone has an opinion about cryptocurrencies. If they don’t, someone will be giving them one soon enough. Real insights become diluted by drivel, and the fracas masks the con men coming out of the woodwork. That’s why it’s especially important to tread cautiously when dabbling in areas such as crypto, psychedelics, and cannabis.

One firm that always offers grounded insights is Key Investment Partners, an investment management firm focused on providing growth capital to early-stage cannabis companies. We’ve written about their ancillary cannabis investing thesis which proposes that pick-and-shovel stocks are the best way to invest in an industry with a high degree of regulatory risk.

More recently, Key Investment Partners released a report titled “Why do Bubbles Burst in Emerging Sectors like Crypto, Cannabis & Psychedelics?” which contained the below chart showing how much weed is being sold in America these days:

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