CLEAR – A Biometrics Stock With Big Ambitions

Oftentimes when we write about certain topics, we can predict the responses we’ll get. Our piece on RFID chips in humans resulted in so many schizophrenics emailing us that we published a piece on it – How To Go About Treating Schizophrenia. They still email us to this day, and many are highly intelligent individuals that truly believe their experiences. There are also many people who don’t suffer from mental health that believe in things most people don’t. Society calls them “conspiracy theorists,” and they’re often chastised by the same people who constantly drone on about the importance of tolerance.

Today, we’re going to talk about something that’s likely to raise some eyebrows outside of the investment thesis. Biometrics and Authentication is one of the tech themes we follow, so we’re going to write about the IPO of a biometrics company called Clear Secure (hereafter referred to as CLEAR) that started out in travel and is doing the pandemic pivot.

Biometrics and the Pandemic

Before we dive into

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