A Complete Guide to Investing in Blockchain Stocks

May 3. 2021. 8 mins read

If you’re a recruiter in the financial industry, one place to find ambitious young talent is by looking for people who spent time as a summer associate at a top-five investment bank but weren’t extended a job offer afterwards. Getting into a summer program at an investment bank is nearly impossible, and those who manage to – provided the hiring was merit-based – had to fight tooth and nail for those coveted slots. During the process, they were vetted by some of the most selective hiring processes out there – at least they used to be.

If what Goldman Sachs throws out is worth pursuing, what they keep is even better. The people that make the cut aren’t just extremely intelligent, most carry the title of PhDPoor, Hungry, and Determined. Still, having the smartest, most hardworking people on the planet doesn’t mean you’ll always get things right. Today, we’re going to talk about what one of the world’s biggest collection of bright minds has to say about blockchain stocks.

Defining Blockchain

We’ve written extensively about what blockchain technology is for those who wish to do some background reading, but for those who don’t, it’s quite simple. Blockchain is an indisputable ledger that tracks ownership over time. On top of that ledger, you can create currencies, what’s called cryptocurrencies. You can also attach things of value to the blockchain record to divvy up assets, or in the case of

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