Why is Berkeley Lights Stock Falling?

April 15. 2021. 7 mins read

Some interesting things happen when you start telling people what stocks you’re invested in. They’ll start making assumptions. For example, one reader commented that we were “bearish on Palantir” when we opted to invest in C3 (AI) instead. That made us think. Maybe we ought to do a proper comparison between these two companies so people can see why we chose the way we did – thus, yesterday’s piece on An Enterprise AI Showdown – C3 Stock vs. Palantir Stock.

Our premium subscribers know we’ve been nibbling on shares of Berkeley Lights (BLI) lately. “I’m nibbling too because you guys are so bullish,” one premium subscriber told us. We were taken back a bit. Sure, we think that the company has great long-term prospects, but that doesn’t mean we would bet the farm on it. “So bullish” sounds a bit strong. From memory, we’re long BLI because:

  • They’ve built a consumables-heavy platform that can be used to sort cells.
  • They have loads of reference clients and they’ve demonstrated traction with growing revenues
  • They can cut the time it takes to do something important from weeks to days
  • Their ticker – BLI – is easy to remember

And that’s about all we can recall.

Now that the stock is dropping like a rock, it’s natural to question the original thesis we wrote about in last summer’s piece,

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