A Good Battery Stock With Exposure to Multiple Tech Trends

Investing in lithium batteries is an easy-to-understand thesis. Electric cars use lithium batteries, so you’re investing in the Chevrons and Exxons of tomorrow by investing in companies that produce batteries. That’s a good theory, but it’s not so easily executed on. Do you invest in the raw materials like lithium? We’ve always advised against that, and so far we haven’t missed out on much – yet. Then there are The 8 Biggest Lithium Battery Stocks of 2028 which we denounced as not being pure-play enough, and the energy storage SPACs that emerged in 2020 which should be avoided because they’re SPACs. Then, we wrote about 3 Mid-Cap Global Battery Manufacturer Stocks, and one stood out above the rest – EnerSys (ENS).

About Enersys Stock

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