An Enterprise AI Showdown – C3 Stock vs. Palantir Stock

April 14. 2021. 7 mins read

A reader recently dropped by to say that our content would get us on Howard Stern before it landed us a Ted talk. It’s compliments like that which keep us going and let us know our snark is set to an appropriate level. Sometimes saying things how they are is seen as being iconoclastic, and we’re okay with that.

Saying things how they are is also authentic, something people like. You’ll inevitably show your flaws, and then they’ll like you even more (the pratfall effect). Unlike other financial pundits, we don’t assume the reader knows what EBITDA is, or even cares for that matter. Most of the financial world is extremely boring and pretentious. We want to take what little is useful and leave the rest.

The Nanalyze Disruptive Tech Investing Methodology focuses on things like revenue growth, as-a-service business models, and favorable competitive situations. We avoid taking risks by looking for red flags. We buy quality tech stocks and let time do what it does best. So, it’s in that spirit that we’re going to open a can of worms. We’re going to try and compare two enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) stocks – C3 vs.

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