Spire Global Stock Offers NanoSatellite Pure Play

“Free of IPO constraints, SPACs can make ‘absurd’ financial projections – and this hedge fund manager says the fallout is coming.” That was the title of a recent article by Institutional Investor that warns about how the SPAC market often contains “pump and dumps” where investors who participate are buying “incredibly overvalued companies.” We can’t say we’re surprised.

We’ve been warning about SPACs regularly now since our July 2020 piece on How SPACs Reward Everyone Except Retail Investors. Nonetheless, we continue to cover SPACs, at least the ones with revenues, because our readers show a great deal of interest in these companies. You’ll hear many people in finance condemn SPACs while at the same time using their own SPACs to generate wealth before the music stops. Truly, the best of times and the worst of times. Today, we’re going to talk about another space SPAC – Spire Global.

About Spire Global

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