IonQ – A Publicly Traded Quantum Computing Stock

March 16. 2021. 5 mins read

Quantum computing technology is like CBD. We’re told it’s this great wonderful thing that will solve all these problems, but nobody can actually tell if it’s working. That’s why we traveled to Vancouver, Canada to learn How Quantum Computing Software Gets Built by speaking with Landon Downs, Co-founder and President of one of the world’s leading quantum computing software companies – 1QBit. We learned that whoever gets the “quantum advantage” doesn’t necessarily want everyone else to know about it. In other words, measuring progress in the quantum computing industry is difficult.

The quantum computing space always seems to show equal measure of successes and failures. Microsoft recently retracted a key quantum computing paper, while Google claimed to have reached quantum supremacy. Investors continue to pour money into startups, something we looked at in a piece last year titled, Is Quantum Computing Real or Just Vaporware? Now, a company called IonQ is merging with a SPAC called dMY Technology Group, Inc. I

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