5 Small Global Stocks With FDA Approved AI Algorithms

February 25. 2021. 5 mins read

A typical novice investor is someone who Googles “best stocks to invest in under $5.” It’s not because they’re asking Google where to invest their hard-earned money, it’s that they’re associating the price of a stock with the size of a company. That’s not how investing works. Tesla at $700 a share is not more expensive than Nikola Motor at $20 a share.

Even the experts have a hard time defining what “small” is. The leading expert in the classification of global equities, MSCI (MSCI), uses a methodology that acts as a moving target. In other words, “small” depends on what stock universe you’re looking at. Regardless of semantics, today we’re going to look at 5 global small-cap stocks with FDA-approved algorithms.

5 Small Global AI Stocks

We recently produced a piece on 8 AI Healthcare Startups with FDA-Approved Algorithms which explored dozens of companies out there with FDA-approved AI algorithms. While FDA approval hardly guarantees success, it provides the companies themselves a way to stand above the crowd in a much-hyped and competitive space. While researching our piece, we came across five small publicly traded AI healthcare companies ac

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