Invest in Urban Air Mobility with Archer Aviation Stock

February 16. 2021. 6 mins read

Many people say they enjoy our content because we’re not afraid to speak frankly and call things out. What they’re really saying is that mainstream content doesn’t do that anymore. That’s because everything has become political and people are afraid to speak their minds, despite that it’s often what everyone else is thinking. Even outside the United States, there seems to be a strong demand for unabashed critical thinking.

Occasionally, the Twitter critics drop by and point out what we said they disapprove of, followed by the mandatory “please do better” closing statement. Whenever someone tells you “do better,” it’s usually an attempt at gauging whether or not you will blindly conform to whatever ideology they’re pushing.

We’ve been “doing better” better before doing better was even a thing – Credit: Nanalyze

Bloomberg still publishes some great content – like last month’s piece on why SPAC Magic Isn’t Free – but their recent piece titled “The King of SPACs Wants You to Know He’s the Next Warren Buffett,” contains some utter shite. “Nobody’s going to listen to Buffett,” says Chamath Palihapitiya, the man who brought us the special p

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