Why Have 3D Printing Stocks Been Going Up Lately?

January 10. 2021. 5 mins read

Back when we first started investing in tech stocks, we often made the mistake of confusing short-term stock price performance with long-term potential. For example, we’d write a piece on some small tech stock pointing out a bunch of red flags and then panic when it doubled in price. The criticisms would usually come from other newbie investors – “See! You were wrong! The stock price doubled!” However a stock price behaves, that shouldn’t affect your original investment thesis. That’s not to say you shouldn’t trim positions that surge to the moon based on hype, something we’ve done recently with gene-editing stocks.

Sticking with gene-editing stocks as an example, another mistake investors will make is to drive up a group of stocks based on good news from one stock in the group. The efficient market hypothesis explains why this is such a bad idea. When a group of stocks – especially one that’s not formally bounded by an industry classification standard such as GICS – surges in unison, be wary. Today, we’re here to talk about why a group of 3D printing stocks have been going up

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