Palantir Stock: U.S.-Centric Exposure to Enterprise AI

January 23. 2021. 6 mins read

Having been investors in Google since their IPO, we became concerned when the company started dipping its toes in politics. When they started hiring “adventure cartoonists” to explain technical concepts, we sensed things were going downhill. Today, the company’s CEO spends his time fighting all the fires being created by the incompetent imbeciles he now regrets hiring who were supposed to be focused on “AI ethics.” Fortunately, we sold our Google shares before this fiasco unfolded, but it’s a warning shot across the bow.

One company that doesn’t let their employees treat the CEO like a bitch on Twitter while airing the company’s dirty laundry is Palantir.

The problems and needs of an organization often change before the software can even be deployed. Our partners require something more. They need generalizable platforms for modeling the world and making decisions. And that is what we have built.

Credit: Alexander Karp, CEO and Co-founder of Palantir

About Palantir

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The first time we came across Palantir (

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