Reviewing Two Autonomous & Electric Vehicle ETFs

December 19. 2020. 5 mins read

In our recent piece on 13 Artificial Intelligence Trends for Investors to Watch, we noted that the transformational benefits of autonomous driving are still 10 years away. That’s good, because we still haven’t figured out what investments we ought to be making to get a piece of the $7 trillion dollar-autonomous vehicle opportunity.

Last week, we looked at some of The Autonomous Vehicle Companies in the Self-Driving Race, noting the massive web of investments being made across the autonomous vehicle landscape. As risk-averse investors, we want to be very careful about trying to pick a winner here. We’d much rather find a company that benefits regardless of who wins the race, especially considering that there will likely be a number of winners. A good example of this in the world of artificial intelligence chips would be Synopsys (SNPS).

Whenever there’s a technology theme we want exposure to, we start by looking for ETFs. Turns out there are two Autonomous & Electric Vehicle ETFs out there with a meaningful amount of assets under management (AUM).

TickerCreatedAUM (millions)

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